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Salicylic Acid Peel

Provides strong exfoliation, resulting in increased cellular turnover and superior all-around peeling for conditions such as acne and surface pigmentation. With a concentration of salicylic acid, it enhances the topical penetration of other treatments, and oxygenates a detoxifies the skin. Perfect for oily congested skin.

Professional Jessner's Peel Solution

Produces a strong but predictable epithelial exfoliation. Salicylic acid oxygenates and detoxifies skin while lactic acid provides superior exfoliation and brightening benefits. The addition of resorcinol provides an antibacterial, antiseptic, and astringent component that also deters oil production while increasing cellular turnover.


TCA is the gold standard of peeling! Trichloroacetic acid (CA) and powerful natural tyrosinase inhibitors are renowned for their results in treating, correcting, and controlling pigmentation, wrinkles, and acne. In combination with TCA, potent antioxidants vitamin E and retinyl palmitate provide unparalleled results in safe and controlled skin peeling.

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